Personal Trainer NickNick Jackson
Personal Trainer


FMS (Functional Movement Systems) 1&2

FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)

Associate in Personal Training

7 Years Personal Trainer Experience

Over 6000 Hours of Personal/Group Training

I started in the fitness field in 2009, working mostly in corporate fitness, and have fallen in love with the rewarding nature of the industry.  I love to help people move and feel better by making sure they are educated and introduced to exercises with a slow and controlled pace.  My passion comes from seeing the success of my clients and the individuals that they effect and inspire. I have worked with clients with a variety of goals such as:

  • athletic training
  • lifestyle change
  • injury rehab/prevention

After working in corporate fitness and seeing the the prices rise for my services, I decided to open a small space that I can offer the same quality of service for an affordable price. Dragon Fitness is designed to be a place where every client is comfortable training and wants to tell their friends. I use all kinds of equipment and exercises to plan and develop clients into a healthier version of themselves.