Dragon Fitness Reviews & Success Stories

I have always been motivated to be physically fit but did not really enjoy lifting weights. I knew I had to take my fitness routine to a higher level in order to reach my fitness goals. My goals were simple; to maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness, and to increase my strength. I had been thinking about personal training when I met Nick Jackson at a boot camp class he was teaching. I liked his energy and the way he encouraged me to push myself. I knew I had met the trainer I wanted to work with. I have been training with Nick for 3 years and can’t imagine not having him as a part of my fitness routine. I find that he motivates and pushes me in a very positive way with great results. As a 55 year old woman I am in better shape than most women my age, and those much younger. My training sessions are challenging, yet fun. Nick has helped me realize that I am capable of way more than I ever thought possible. I recommend him highly for anyone interested in reaching their physical potential. Even though I am 55, I feel 25!
Dana Trocino, RN, CIC

I’ve been taking the Indian Clubs class at the Vancouver 24 Hour Fitness for a few months, and want to tell you how pleased

I am with the class and the two excellent instructors, Donavan and Travis. It has far exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Originally I signed-up with the goal of gaining more mobility and decreasing pain in my shoulder, which is recovering from an injury. But little did I know that I would achieve that, plus receive benefits for the rest of my body as well, including my hips and back. Indeed, Indian Clubs has turned into a total bodywork out for me, and I look forward to the class each week.

At first I was worried that the clubs would reinjure my shoulder, but the movement routines which Travis and Donavan taught me were safe and well within my capabilities. In fact, learning to swing the clubs is fun and challenging, it’s quite graceful, and creates flexibility and strength. The instructors started with the basic upper body movements, and add more each week, eventually involving the legs, thighs, back, gluts – every part of the body. I haven’t felt this good in years, and I can’t recommend this class enough!

Scott, At previous employer
I was 25 lbs overweight and having problems loosing weight on my own. I met with Nick Jackson to discuss my fitness and weight goals. He came up with an exercise plan that required working out 6 days a week with 3 days of those being Nick providing one-on-one training and the other three workouts that I could do on my own. He started me out at a slower pace and as my muscles got stronger increased the intensity of the workouts. He also gave me a diet plan that would help me build muscle, which in turn would help me burn fat and increase my metabolism. He pushed hard and took no excuses when I had difficulty doing some of the exercises which helped me accomplish my goals sooner. If I had issues or concerns he adjusted my exercises to address the concerns. When I would reach a plateau, he would change the exercises to try to get me past the hump. I have lost 20 lbs in the last 6 months as well as 2 clothes sizes. I have the strength and stamina that I did not have before I started. Thanks you so much Nick for keeping me motivated and on track when I felt like quitting and giving up. I feel much better and I know I am much healthier because of it.
Karen Shoop


Nick’s been my personal trainer for 4 years, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything!  During this time, he has not only helped develop me physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.  He challenges and motivates me to go beyond my perceived limits, while being open to adjusting my workouts accordingly.  Nick is also extremely personable and has an unlimited amount of energy, which makes him a true pleasure to work with!  Having worked with other personal trainers, I can definitely say that he is one of the best!”

Chelyncia S
My name is Bob Clements and I am 46 years old, 5′ 6″ tall, and weigh 220 lbs. A little more
than two years I ago I was depressed, struggling in my personal and professional relationships,
and let my adult onset diabetes get out of control. My weight had reached 260lbs, I had no
direction in my diet and my daily activity was non-existent. I was on a fast track to an early
death and I didn’t care.
I knew I had to do something so I joined 24 Hour Fitness and was introduced to Wes Edge.
Together we started the journey of figuring out I wanted to do with my diet and activity. At first
my biggest struggle was to make it to my appointments with Wes. I was, and still am, in a high
stress job that has inconsistent work hours and a full home life. Who has time to go to the
Our first goal was to get me to the door of 24 Hour Fitness. If I could just get to the door, then
the rest would follow. It was always so much easier to just go home and watch TV. What we
found though was if I could just get to the door, and do the work, that I would feel so much
better when done.
In a search to find what would keep me engaged, Wes developed programs on everything from
the elliptical machine to kettle bells, Indian Clubs to swimming, and core conditioning to
powerlifting. Powerlifting, of all things, I’ve never been interested in powerlifting. I had never
been interested in powerlifting but once he got me started, I really took off. We developed my
“Core” and over time I have gone from a back squatting a 45 lbs bar to a one rep max squat of
330 lbs – and I’m not done yet!
My goal is not to go from cheese cake to beef cake, its to go from strong to stronger. I am not
the best lifter in the gym, but Wes has taught me good technique. Before, I would never go lift
by myself. Now, with Wes’s coaching, I have built up the confidence to workout four days a
week with Wes at my side only one day of those four – though he is always there if I need him.
Do you want to run a 5K? Do you want to eat healthier? Do you just want to feel better about
yourself? Regardless of your goals, Wes and his team of trainers can help you accomplish any
Its hard work, and there continue to be days where my goal is to get to the door, and Wes
continues to open it for me. I feel better than two years ago. I’m in healthier relationships, more
proficient in my recreational activities, and have a new outlook on life. All this is largely due to
Wes. I still struggle with my diabetes, but I got is scared now.
Start simple. Get to the door. Feel good about accomplishing that goal. Then talk to Wes about
your next goal. Get to the door, and Wes will open it for you.
Bob Clements, RN, MN