Brandon Shewbert – Personal Trainer

BA Health and Fitness Concordia University
Functional Movement Expert
Certified Kettlebell Instructor SFG I

6 Years Personal Training

I grew up in a family with a diverse and athletic movement background.  My parents were athletes through college and became sport coaches at the high school level later in life.  When I became old enough to start playing football the first place my Dad brought me was to the gym to strength train.  I don’t think anyone could known the profound effect that those first several years would have on my life.  Strength training has allowed me to become a better athlete, husband, parent, coach, mentor and student. It may be the only pursuit in my life which has always been pursued with the necessary integrity and diligence to be worthy of merit.  I believe the process of gaining strength not only changes people on a physiological level but on psychological and emotional levels as well.  Strength is the one capacity through which life truly expands and without which the capacity to thrive is diminished.