Justin Bendsneyder 


-SFG 1 (Strongfirst Kettlebell instructor)

-SFB (Strongfirst bodyweight instructor)

-CFSC Level 1 (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning)

-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 


Having 10+ years training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it has been my goal to do everything in my power to increase my longevity within the art. In my 40’s, and an active BJJ instructor, it was a no brainer that I needed intelligent training methods to limit injuries and stay functioning well, on and off the mats. After attending my first Strongfirst Kettlebell course, I knew this was the path for me, I was hooked. The proficiency and technical skills used in the Kettlebell movements paralleled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in many ways, with countless added benefits for leading a strong and healthy lifestyle. After getting certified there was no doubt I wanted to teach and share this with as many people as possible. I have made it my personal mission to seek out what I believe to be some of the best modalities in strength/movement training so I can offer safe, effective guidance to others in reaching their individual potential.


-Josh M.

“Justin is a phenomenal coach for Jiu Jitsu, strength, conditioning, and just life in general.  His program approach was very personalized to my specific needs and struggles. One of the main things I struggled with from a few years of training jiu jitsu was long lasting and re-occurring injuries.

After working with Justin on a customized strength and conditioning program I became significantly more durable and strong within just a handful of sessions. I could train harder than ever before, and most importantly have remained injury free on the mats.  His strength program gave me proper body mechanics, using movement patterns to strengthen my specific weak points in the body. He’s super cool to work with and the results were amazing.

Justin’s jiu jitsu lessons really took my game to a whole new level. There are so many “invisible” details within techniques that are hard to see, but easier felt and learned through becoming sensitive to them and practicing those small details that can make or break the technique. He’s able to break down even the most complex moves into simple steps that anyone can understand and learn from, and become proficient.”


-Dave S.

“My name is Dave, I am 56 yrs old, I am the Fleet Supervisor for Multnomah County in Portland Or.  I hold the rank of brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have been training in BJJ for 14yrs.

I have been training for over 5 yrs regularly (weekly) with Justin in BJJ. In the last 2 years I have also had the privilege to have Justin become my strength coach, he is helping me with some long standing injuries and limitations. It is my belief that Justin has one of the best understandings of body mechanics of anyone that I have ever trained with period. In jiu-jitsu things happen in real time and I witnessed a very noticeable difference in pressures and technical execution during the last 5yrs.  I wanted to understand what I was feeling in Jiu-jitsu and gain a better understanding of what I could do to improve myself with strength training as well as jiu-jitsu. Justin has a very positive and thorough communication style with BJJ and is able to use the same thoroughness in strength training, making it really easy to understand. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have Justin in my corner!”


-James P.

I started working with Justin about two years ago for Jiu-Jitsu- totally unfamiliar with the sport but with a desire to learn, and in my late 30s. Literally no clue what I was doing. Within a couple months he had me up to speed about every position and pitfalls to avoid so that when I went to class with other white belts, I was totally comfortable and proficient. We continued to work together through the next couple years. I have never known a teacher to be so focused on a student’s strengths and areas to improve, knowing every little detail of a session we would have even to the point of being able to discuss what seemed like minutiae of some blindingly quick reversal a week after it occurred, with probably dozens of rolls occurring for him since then. Even through a significant shoulder injury he was able to keep things safe and enjoyable for me on the mats (much more than when I went to class with other students!). Through his teaching of me, I, a psychiatrist, discovered not just a teacher and a friend, but also a sort of therapist for myself, where I could go and have my weekly sessions and feel totally relaxed, a sense of calm washing over me by the end of the lesson. I can’t speak highly enough of Justin’s ethics as a teacher and value as a friend.”



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