Donovan Personal TrainerDonavan Pelaske
Personal Trainer

Associates in Fitness Training

  • 4 Years Personal Trainer Experience
  • 15 Years Coaching
  • 6 Years Group Training

I started out in the fitness world at 8 years old with wrestling and have continued to follow my passion since. My passion for training also started at a young age in the weight room and wrestling room. At the age of 16 I started to help coach youth wrestling. For the last 15 years I have enjoyed teaching the art of wrestling to children and adults. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to further my education as a trainer and graduated from Clark College with my AAS in Fitness Training. Through personal experience of being an athlete, having a broken body, and my own struggle with health and wellness personal experience has helped me educate my clients to obtain their own goals with their lives. I have helped clients reach different goals during my experience such as: 


  • Pain Relief
  • Rehab/Prehab
  • Strength/Muscle Gain
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Increase in Mobility
  • Learning Boxing, Jui Jitsu, Wrestling, and Kick Boxing for exercise or competition
  • Event Training-Police Testing, Military Testing, Triathlon, and Obstacle Course