Olivia Fisher
Personal Trainer

FMS Certified
BS in Exercise and Sport Science

Olivia Fisher, a graduate of Concordia University in Portland, OR with a BS in Exercise and Sport Science has been involved with the fitness industry for a number of years. She began her career with a corporate fitness company in 2011. After graduating, she became more involved with the company and worked her way up in management. Although she never held the position of a personal trainer within the company, because of her education and background she worked very closely with them. She interviewed, trained, assisted in program design, supervised and mentored them. While she gained a great deal experience within the fitness world, it was clear that the corporate fitness environment was not for her. She wanted to directly make an impact on others through her passion for fitness and nutrition along with her education.


Olivia has always been very active. Throughout high school, she ran on both the cross-country team and distance team in track. She completed her first marathon in 2010. Since then she has completed six marathons! In 2013, she qualified for the Boston Marathon cutting exactly an hour off her previous time. Her passion for running has also spread to coaching high school athletes. Olivia is an Assistant Coach at Evergreen High School for both Cross Country and Track.


Her education at Concordia University has also been an invaluable piece to her passion for fitness. As a result of her education, she has taken extensive coursework in exercise physiology, high performance training, nutrition, nutrition for exercise and sport performance, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, exercise prescription and programing, motor learning, exercise for special populations, sports management and sports psychology. Her education at Concordia also allowed her to study human cadavers. Furthermore, Olivia also has extensive knowledge with the Functional Movement Screen. The philosophy behind the screening is in order for optimal performance to take place, the whole body must be moving properly. In other words, the body is a connected chain and FMS testing identifies any weaknesses or problems in the chain, so they can be addressed allowing the body to be able to move properly. In conjunction with corrective exercise and strength training, Olivia will help you reach your full potential. Due to her passion for running, she specializes with runners. However, Olivia has extensive knowledge and education for all levels of fitness.


Additionally, Olivia has substantial knowledge and background in nutrition. She believes in fueling the body properly in conjunction with exercise. Olivia stands by a diet consisting of whole foods. She offers comprehensive nutrition counseling. This includes initial nutrition assessments, goal setting, individualized planning and support. Olivia will travel to the grocery store and aid in purchasing the right foods for your body. Also, she will travel to your home and assist in overhauling refrigerators, freezers and pantries. She has created countless recipes and tricks to make eating health very simple.