Travis Konold 

Strong First Grya (SFG) level 1 certified kettlebell instructor 
Functional Movement Systems level 2 (FMS2) 
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) 
Associates in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Fitness Training from Clark College 

After having a corporate job for several years the recession hit and I had the opportunity to go back to school and start a new career. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, so I decide that I would give people the gift of fitness through movement. 

When I started this adventure I was skinny fat with bad posture and limited mobility. Through my education and continuing education I have rebuilt myself and acquired a vast knowledge in fitness training. When I discovered Pavel Tsatsoline I knew I wanted to learn from him and pass on his teaching to everyone I could. I received my first Kettlebell cert through Dragondoor and Pavel in the form of Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) in 2011. Later I would train for the ultimate kettlebell certification from Pavel’s new company Strong First. This cert is known as Strong First Grya (SFG). I have also received a level 2 certification from Functional Movement Systems. I have had the opportunity to train with some of the brightest minds in the fitness business: Pavel, Dr. Ed Thomas, Karen Smith, Lance Coffel, and Andrea U-Shi Chang. 

I’ve trained clients from ages 10-92. My goal is to help each client reach their goals. This could be General Physical Preparedness (GPP), weight loss, sports specific, and endurance. 



Indian clubs 




Primal movements 

Joint mobility 

Corrective exercises