Anna Slocum



My movement coaching experience began in 2011, when my yoga instructor encouraged me to become a certified instructor. Learning how to observe and restructure the human body became my calling and I expanded this knowledge in my Yoga Structural Therapy certification in 2014. After student teaching many classes at a local gym, I decided to further expand my knowledge to include strength training. I began with a basic personal training certification from NASM in 2012. After being introduced to barbells and kettlebells, I fell in love with them. I received my StrongFirst level 1 kettlebell certification in 2015 and my level 2 certification in 2017. Learning about, understanding, and coaching strong and structured human movement has become my passion.

Students will learn an advanced understanding of how their bodies perform, how to align those standards to their health and fitness goals, and how to rise to new challenges they choose. My coaching style is based on movement quality and mastery to ensure each student remains safe and has full ownership of each learned skill. Mobility, stability, and strength will all be applied so each body becomes the best it can be. Each training program is specific to the student to ensure every body type, experience level, and personal goal receives the best education possible.

I use structural therapy in every session to ensure each movement performed is of the best quality. Yoga students learn where the body is in space using internal feedback in each pose. Yoga is offered in personal sessions or small group classes, as desired. Injury recovery and strength students will use kettlebells, barbells, and other tools of strength to learn how to maximize muscular performance in any desired capacity.



  • Hatha Yoga
  • Flow Yoga
  • Postural repatterning and therapy
  • Corrective exercise
  • Strength training
  • Kettlebells


“I am currently 67 and soon to be 68. I noticed when I was 66 that I was having some mobility issues. I am
very independent. I did not want mobility problems to get in my way and set about solving this problem.
I found a trainer I really like and felt was helping me. I have come a long way since then. Through this
process I am going through Anna yoga class was recommended to me by my current trainer. He wanted
me to try her yoga classes. He said she was an excellent trainer and yoga teacher. Anna really helped
him resolve problems he was having with his own body. Though dubious, I signed up for the class and
have been going to her yoga classes for more than two years.
I have never wanted to do yoga, but I am older now and more willing to try anything to keep flexible and
mobile. As I came to know Anna I realized she had other skills I could utilize. She now trains me twice a
month and also helps me with a nutritional plan I can live with. As a result I have lost #30 over the last
year. I am a work in process. I train every Sunday with my original trainer, twice a month with Anna and
her yoga class every Friday. I have changed for the good over the last two years.
Anna is a great person to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. When you
are in training or class with her she accommodates each exercise to meet the individual’s needs. You
never feel like a failure. Anna is always positive and I really like that about her. She explains each thing
we are doing. You as the trainee understand what you are doing and why. Anna also checks out how
each of us is doing at the beginning of each session with her. She then changes whatever she was
planning to do to something else that will meet our individual needs whenever it is needed. Anna works
with each person like they really matter. Not many people do that today. I have worked with other
trainers who had a program they worked and it never varied despite what the person in training might
have really needed. I believe that is why Anna is both respected and liked. People like me really respond
positively to Anna method of training. She has helped me to slowly reach my personal goals. Anna is
my personal guru.”



“Needed a qualified trainer primarily to regain full range of motion and strength after long-standing injuries of both shoulders and a wrist.  With multiple certifications in StrongFirst kettlebells and structural therapy, I knew from our first session that Anna was the trainer who could get me to full recovery and well beyond.  In just a few months, Anna has taught me how to properly engage my muscle groups to perform movement patterns with correct technique — something no one had ever taught me even after having lifted weights for 35 years — and how to lift and breathe properly to handle heavier weight yet remain completely injury free.  Through Anna’s personal instruction, I have regained range of motion for my shoulders, have developed solid muscle with significant gains in strength, power and flexibility, and my grip strength has easily tripled through proper kettlebell technique.  Anna has a wealth of knowledge, is patient, friendly and really easy to work with.  I could not have come this far without her.  Try one session with Anna and see for yourself.”  



“Anna’s yoga class is a great mix of stretching, mobilities, and a combination of both in yoga poses. She ranges from easy to advance if really want to test self out or if just need to ease into getting back in touch with body by reconnecting to your mind. She had trained but many athletic competitions herself so she knows how to help you get ready for your competition for help repair your body for the damage that we put on it. Can’t say enough about her or her yoga class!”