Our team utilizes a scalable approach to exercise and preventative health.  We work with all age and skill levels, helping our clients progress to a level of pain free, strong and athletic capabilities.  From post-surgery or new to exercise, to high level athletes, we can help you get better!


Dragon Fitness is a small, hard style kettlebell studio. We focus on having clients move well and move often. Our trainers specialize in reintroducing human movements back into our clients’ routines while building strength, endurance and conditioning. We offer Personal training, Small group classes, Yoga, Jiu-Jitsu and Massage therapy.


Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are one of the most diverse tools of strength because they offer the same applications of all other strength tools, but also allow the implementation of certain movements specific only to the kettlebell. They require tension and control which are key to developing strength and stability, but also allow momentum for endurance and conditioning. Kettlebells come in the most diverse range of weights to accommodate every skill and fitness level.

Why Hard Style?

Here at Dragon Fitness we believe that Hard Style Kettlebell practice is the most effective modality of training we can teach to our students. Its main focus is to maximize appropriate technique while maximizing power output in the shortest time possible. This provides our students with a safe and time efficient way to build strength and endurance, improve body composition, and improve posture.

For more information on Hard Style Kettlebell training, check out www.Strongfirst.com.(link)



How to get started?

All new students are FMS (Functional Movement System) screened to determine current skill level. The FMS screen allows us to see the strengths and weaknesses of the new student’s movements. This allows us to provide an appropriate starting point for their training program. This keeps our students safe and creates a long term foundation of proper movement.



Contact us today to discuss how you want to improve your health and we will develop a custom training regiment just for you.


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