StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1 & 2

StrongFirst  Barbell 

Precision Nutrition  Level 1 Coach

Functional Movement Systems Level 1

I started coaching as a profession in 2010. I decided to pursue a career in fitness because of how energized and positive I was becoming and I decided I wanted to pass that gift on.  I began my career working for a corporate gym. I spent the first five and a half years of my career working there. I learned a ton, met a lot of great folks, and built myself a solid set of coaching skills.

In 2016 I began training out of Dragon Fitness. Moving to a private studio has allowed me to grow and mature significantly as a coach and individual. Having absolute freedom has been great, but I’ve benefitted most by being around the right gym culture.

My movement education is primarily from Strongfirst. I’m currently certified as a level 1 kettlebell instructor and also a barbell instructor. I also carry a Precision Nutrition level 1 coaching certification. I definitely coach people toward paleo/keto type diets. I see nutrition as being an absolutely critical step for health and wellness, and I’m quite passionate about nutrition coaching as well.

My training style is best described as smart, or maybe even cerebral. It’s not just hard. I learn from and teach everyone I train. And while we work hard, the work all has a purpose and direction.  I absolutely love what I do. I love changing lives and seeing people grow. I think of myself as both a student and a teacher. It’s a great place to be.