Foot Strengthening

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These are great drills for foot and ankle mobility and stability. Start by using a lacrosse ball for releases, then move through the exercises. The directions are in the video.

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Rucker Workout

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"If you have a Rucker or similar device you can work this circuit of kickstand deadlifts, overhead press, bent-over rows and alternating lunges."   Try it out! Let me know if you have questions!   503-894-1159

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Hip flexor/TFL stretch

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This is a variation of a kneeling hip flexor stretch. By adding the external rotation of the bottom leg you can mobilize the tensor fascia lata and adductor compartment

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This video demonstrates the Strongfirst arm bar. This drill is used to build stability, mobility and resiliency of the shoulder. Start in a supine position and grab your bell underhand. Lift it up to lockout and roll onto your side. Hold this position, working to keep your arm [...]


Bottoms-Up Press

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When you're working a program that requires a large amount of overhead work, whether it's presses, snatches or clean and jerks, the right warm up is critical. Overhead work requires the shoulders to be properly mobile first. Second, the stabilizers associated with the shoulder need to show up and [...]

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Benefits of Yoga

By |February 28th, 2015|Categories: Yoga|

Celebrities swear by it, your coworkers go twice a week, and your doctor recommends it.  We read about it in magazines, social media, and even the news.  Everyone raves about yoga, but why?  How does yoga actually benefit you?  Here are a few reasons why you should be spending some [...]

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