Dragon Fitness Services

Our goal is to be a place where every client is comfortable training and driven to succeed in adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle. We using all kinds of equipment and exercises to plan and develop clients into a healthier version of themselves.  We offer weekly classes and our services include:

1 on 1 Personal Training

Customized exercise program that are tailored to the clients needs and wants. Programs include weight training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, nutrition, and wellness health. Learn more about our personal training classes.

Small Group Training

Designed for clients who enjoy the company of family and friends while they exercise. Sessions are designed and catered to individual needs so that every member can see the results they want. Learn more about our small group training.

Hybrid Program

The Hybrid Exercise program at Dragon Fitness is the most effective and cost efficient way for our clients to get powerful results. We combine 1 on 1 personal training with high energy group classes. Learn more about our Hybrid training program.


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